This is Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses is one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable people transport solutions. We offer premium city- and intercity buses, coaches, and bus chassis as well as a wide range of services for increased productivity, uptime and safety. Volvo Buses has sales in 85 countries and a global service network with more than 1,500 dealerships and workshops.


Care and respect for people and nature are fundamental for us. This explains why Volvo Buses has a strong reputation for social responsibility and ethical behavior. We are passionate and human-centric, with a clear focus on a premium experience for our customers, partners, users, and employees.


In Botswana, Auto Sueco is the official importer and dealer of the Volvo Buses brand, providing sales and after-sales service in the market.

Commercial Team Contact Details

Enrico Botha

Role: COO Auto Sueco Botswana
Cell: (+267) 75 912 470

Festus Moreki

Role: Truck & Bus Salesman
Cell: (+267) 71 393 670

Enele Ernie Molaolwa

Role: Driver Training & Telematics Coordinator
Cell: (+267) 74 538 646